Finding Love In The Stars

Speaker: Suzanne Gerber

Key Learnings / How To:

What your sun sign is and what qualities it holds
How to use astrology to better understand your connections
Ways to harness the energy of attraction through focus
The innate power of true feminine energy
How to use your chart to empower your potential

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Gifts of the Masculine + Feminine

Speaker: Christina Louise

Key Learnings / How To:

How to develop healthy attachment + polarity to cultivate long term relationships
How to create safety in your feminine energy
Practices to use your masculine + feminine to connect spiritually
The importance of opening your feminine to receive
How to embrace submission and surrender

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Sexuality and Abundance

Speaker: HARA

Key Learnings / How To:

The importance of sensual embodiment practices
How to recalibrate tension in the body
The connection between burnout and elusive orgasms
How to use pleasure and sexuality to open to abundance
How to tune into your inner sensuality to clarify creativity + decisions

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Energy Enhancers to Manifest More Love

Speaker: Andrea Ivanka

Key Learnings / How To:

How to heal broken trust to connect with abundance
Ways to declare what you desire to transcend lack
How to take aligned action when emotions are high and logic low
How to balance self-love with big goals
What it means to ‘empty out’ vs. complain to create more energetic space

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Spirituality, Sex, and Soul Partnerships

Speaker: Emyrald Sinclaire 

Key Learnings / How To:

How to replace obligation with gratitude
Practices to shift your mindset for true fulfillment + possibility
Manifestation formulas consisting of self-love, belief, and inspired action
How to strengthen your spiritual relationship
How to optimize orgasms as the pure cosmic state of creation

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The Journey to Authentic Love

Speaker: Shane Kohler and Fatima da Costa Kohler

Key Learnings / How To:

How to reframe “loss” and acknowledge it’s all a process to finding love
How to keep your long-term relationships fresh + exciting
Tips used to date authentically and attract more aligned partners
The importance of raising your standards to call in the healthy love you deserve
The questions to ask to see if you and your partner share the same vision for love

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 Up-level Your Intuition to Create Aligned Healthy Love 

Speaker:Whitney McNeil 

Key Learnings / How To:

How to identify & up-level your “Intuitive Language” to find your next steps for healthy love
 4 practices to clear your mind to receive clear intuitive messages per your Intuitive Language
How to trust your intuition & discern between your intuition vs. your ego 
How to raise your vibration to align with the healthy love you desire 
How to honor your gifts & energy as an empath in relationships

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Honor Your Deal Breakers 

Speaker: Alison Armstrong

Key Learnings / How To:

How to establish your deal breakers + ultimatums with confidence
How to define the characteristics you desire in an ideal partner
Intentional languaging to be used between men and women
Ways to cultivate respect, admiration, and love for yourself
How to overcome the past + reaffirm your boundaries

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