Movement For Manifestation

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

How to use movement to cultivate courage + confidence 
Practices to envision + manifest  your desires 
Questions to ask yourself to get intentional about love
Why Anastasia chose to become a self-love & relationship coach for driven women after creating healthy love following a childhood of physical & verbal abuse

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    Practice Being Present

    Speaker: Sherina Mayani

    Key Learnings / How To:

    EFT and other practices to reclaim your self-worth
    How business and love are related to each other
    The difference between acting automatically vs. intentionally
    Ways to find pleasure even in the shadows
    How to create unstoppable power within yourself

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    The Art of The Charismatic Woman

    Speaker: Patty Contenta

    Key Learnings / How To:

    4 steps to embody more sensuality in your presence & the way you walk
    4 steps to embody more sensuality in your presence
    How to enhance self-touch + pleasure
    Ways to effortlessly align your energy and exude attractiveness
    Key ways to instill boundaries + safety

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    The Gottman Method to Creating Healthy Love

    Speaker: Laura Brown

    Key Learnings / How To:

    The top 4 struggles in relationships + how to transform them
    Practices to self-soothe when escalated or heavy emotions arise
    The Gottman Method to disarm conflict through deeper understanding
    The 9 components to a healthy relationship
    Authentic self-care practices used to dissolve negative coping mechanisms

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    Using Heartbreak to Heal

    Speaker:  Maxine Clancy

    Key Learnings / How To:

    How to overcome ego blocks and return back to pure love
    Ways to use heartbreak to connect back to truth
    How to find trust again after divorce
    How to create intimacy through curiosity + playfulness
    Ways to use circumstances to evolve into your most authentic self

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    How to Open to Your Soul's Purpose

    Speaker: Anna Kowalska

    Key Learnings / How To:

    What relationships are mirroring about your soul’s purpose
    How to become more authentic and attract alignment
    The importance of connection vs. isolation to receive life’s lessons
    How to identify the parts of yourself you may be rejecting
    Ways to channel your sexual energy to become a magnet

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    From Perfectionism to Pleasure

    Speaker: Deborah Hurwitz

    Key Learnings / How To:

    How to embody pleasure while overcoming procrastination
    Writing exercises to connect your left + right brain activity
    Incremental steps to overcome your inner critic and express yourself creatively
    How to use vulnerability to enhance your self-love + relationships
    How to find confidence through commitment 

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    Enneagrams to Empower

    Speaker: Jennifer Hurst

    Key Learnings / How To:

    The 9 Enneagram types + their characteristics
    How Enneagram can help you better understand yourself + others
    Ways to use your Enneagram type to dial-in what you need in relationships
    How to look deeper into someone’s motives as oppose to their behaviors
    About resourcing in Enneagram to optimize growth

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