Declutter to Spark Happiness

Speaker: Sophie Mitchell

Key Learnings / How To:

How to organize your thoughts + tasks to maintain a healthy mental state
The big 6 self-care actions to take in order to optimize joy
The best tools to boost your self-confidence + what to stay away from that may be taking away from it
How to refrain from judgments and focus on your own goals + wellbeing
How to honor your soul’s purpose and find a fulfilling career

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Heal Codependency and Attract Healthy Love

Speaker: Tori Autumn

Key Learnings / How To:

What codependency is and how to heal its underlying tendencies 
Self-validating practices to enhance your confidence
How to set strong boundaries to naturally repel ‘red flags’ when dating
How to step away from need to want  by honoring your desires
Ways to trust yourself + resolve past pain to find an aligned match

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Identify & Honor Your Core Gifts

Speaker: Ken Page

Key Learnings / How To:

How to identify and honor your Core Gifts
How to use past relationships as stepping stones in finding your aligned match
Ways to cultivate a community that enhances your Core Gifts
How to bring compassion to the parts of yourself you’ve been judging
Practices that will guide you towards your ‘gift zone’

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Release Resistance In Relationships

Speaker: Marni Battista

Key Learnings / How To:

How to heal the ‘Little Who’ within you and ease anxiety
How to date authentically to release resistance and attract aligned partners
How to identify emotional availability within yourself and others
What has created limiting beliefs + how to overcome them
How to step away from being motivated by pain and become motivated by opportunity

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Self Love For Inner Peace

Speaker:  Dr. Margaret Paul

Key Learnings / How To:

How to find a deep love for yourself to dissolve conflict + control in relationships
How to heal your childhood stories and create new ones
Why it’s important to release the responsibility of owning your partner’s actions + emotions
How to use inner bonding to find self-compassion
Ways to seek a Higher Guidance as you navigate through pain to find peace

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Creating a Conscious Partnership

Speaker: Ana Paula Munoz

Key Learnings / How To:

How to heal with your partner and create a conscious relationship
The main qualities to seek in a conscious partnership partner
Healthy ways to heal past wounds while in a new relationship
The importance of surrendering to a Higher Power and remaining open to possibilities
How to use your intuition to remain true to your authentic self

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Find Safety In Your Body

Speaker: Tracy Crossley

Key Learnings / How To:

How insecure attachment develops + how it resurfaces in relationships
The role of the subconscious in your behaviors and reactions
Body scan exercises to relieve anxiety + cultivate safety
How to show yourself respect through boundary setting
How to use authenticity to manifest opportunities

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Healing Trauma And The Nervous System

Speaker: Erika Straub

Key Learnings / How To:

What recurring patterns in your life are trying to tell you
What trauma is and how it solidifies in our bodies, nervous systems, and consciousness
How to regulate your nervous system in order to heal stored trauma
How to discern a true yes and no response within your body
Daily rituals to strengthen your relationship with your body

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