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Make Space for Love Intensive

MAKE SPACE FOR LOVE INTENSIVE: March 17th - March 19th from 10am-7pm EST, New York Time (Fri-Sun)
During this LIVE & deeply transformative intensive you will:
  • Learn to Regulate Your Nervous System - so you are creating love from a peaceful, joyful state
  • Evolve Your Attachment Style - so you begin showing up as securely attached rather than anxious or avoidant etc.
  • Write out your 3 Big Intentions for the year ahead – for the Romantic Partnership you wish to create, the deeply honoring relationship with yourself you wish to build, and for the abundant soul-purpose work you wish to manifest
  • Identify Your Primary Core False Beliefs & their associated ways of being that sabotage love in your life
  • Identify Your Deeper Truth Beliefs & their associated ways of being that have you align with your Intention for love
  • Name & Make Non-Negotiable Your Top 3 Joy Generators so you begin to embody more joy consistently & grow magnetic to the love + abundance you want
  • Practice a 6-step process to make you live in Joy & Magnetism and be Unstoppable in the face of all disappointments encountered on the path to love
  • Create a 90-day Action Plan for What Breakthroughs You Commit to Creating in your love life, in your relationship with yourself, and in your abundance
Note: To support the deepest work possible, the Make Space for Love Intensive will be live-only on Zoom, without recordings.