Align to Attract Love and Wealth

Speaker: Sigrid van Heerwaarden

Key Learnings / How To:

How to feel into expansion + desire to find an aligned match

How to move forward in love and finances with intentional focus

Journaling exercises to release, allow, and embody your future vision

How to hold space for your feminine energy to flourish in relationships

How to be in love and still hold your standards

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The Power of Your Feminine

Speaker: Barbara Santen

Key Learnings / How To:

How to be strong in your feminine energy while still leaving space for empowered masculine energy

How to create and manifest from a state of joy

How to reprogram your subconscious mind for success

Ways to become irresistible to your potential partner

How to surrender your desire for control

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Moving Out of Your Head & Into Your Heart

Speaker: Diana Eskander

Key Learnings / How To:

How to stay connected in healthy love after giving birth

The step-by-step process for birthing a vision into being

Ways to release anxious attachment in your relationships and goal setting

How to find self-worth so you can move out of your head and into your heart

Mindful practices using movement, sound and breath to get grounded

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Your Intuitive Feminine Instincts

Speaker: Oana Stoianovici

Key Learnings / How To:

A guided meditation to connect with your feminine

The roles masculine and feminine energy play within all of us, regardless of gender

How to deepen into the wisdom of your intuition

Practices that will activate your innate feminine gifts

How to nurture your relationship with yourself to build a strong foundation for love

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Soothe The Nervous System

Speaker: Lauren Zoeller

Key Learnings / How To:

How to reprogram the nervous system through principles of cognition and neuroscience

How to identify the parts of yourself that are seeking external validation + how to heal them

Ways to open yourself up to people who aren't your typical "type"
How trauma stores itself in the body and how to release it

Why you attract partners who reflect similar emotional wounds 

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Design Your "Manfunnel"

Speaker: Megan Weks

Key Learnings / How To:

How to create your own "funnel" to date from a place of flowing abundance

How to navigate and remain open to the idea of dating more than one partner

How to use relationships to develop a deeper relationship with yourself

How to decipher between what's familiar versus what's right right for  you

Ways to not take rejection personally when dating

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Love & Money Honey

Speaker: Morgana Rae

Key Learnings / How To:

The parallels between your money story and your love story

How to overcome your 'money monsters'

How to enhance overall worthiness to increase love + money flow

What to look for on a date to know if it's an aligned match for you

Where you're creating distance between yourself and money / love

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Embrace Your 'Freak Flag' & Find Love

Speaker: Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

Key Learnings / How To:

How to authentically create a mega magnetic online dating profile

Ways to overcome body insecurities to receive the self-permission for healthy love

How to embody the soulmate energy you want to attract

How to own your career success and not be afraid of intimidating your partners

The 6-step process to attract your ideal partner

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