Reclaim Your Inner “Slut” Even if Pleasure Has Felt Out of Reach

Speaker: Erika Alsborn

Key Learnings / How To:

Redefining the word “slut” and why it’s important!
How to release subconscious shame around receiving pleasure
Non-physical practices to start preparing to receive pleasure 
What sexual shutdown with a partner can really mean (the body KNOWS!)
10 different kinds of orgasm to be explored

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Master the Art of Intimacy

Speaker: Oana Stoianovici

Key Learnings / How To:

Practices you can do to manifest deep intimacy with yourself & a partner 
Discover intimacy as more than a physical connection + honor it as a language between two souls
How it’s possible to build intimacy within & without even if you’ve never seen it 
Conscious interventions to reprogram our conditioning of what we think love is from a trauma-infused culture

Free Gift 1 Orgasmic Meditation

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What Is Healthy Love Anyways?

Speaker: Charisse Cooke

Key Learnings / How To:

A powerful redefinition of what “love” is + how to create this 
How to be a better partner by letting go of sabotaging habits + understanding your partner’s needs
Why the first year of a relationship is so important + powerful questions to help you create a healthy foundation
How to give love that feels like love to your partner WITHOUT self-abandoning 
Why emotional regulation & looking at how safe you’ve made your life matters

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How Powerful Women Can Have Have It All 

Speaker: Aurika Valan

Key Learnings / How To:

What actually repels love for driven women (it’s not your power or your success!!) 
How we can create safety for our Healthy Feminine to emerge even if we're CEOs 
How we can evoke & lead the Healthy Masculine in collection with our needs, desires + emotions (even if we’re new to all of this) 
How sounds can inform partners of our experience in real-time w/o words! 
Aurika’s real-talk coaching for Anastasia on how to evoke the masculine in her partner 
What becomes possible as we grow our capacity to hold more energy in the body with Tantra

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Use Authenticity to Attract Healthy Love

Speaker: Ken Page

Key Learnings / How To:

How to embrace your authenticity & why this matters much for healthy love 
The key question to ask to discover if you’re in an attraction of inspiration vs. deprivation
What “Core Gifts” are - why we usually hate these parts of us & why loving them is key
What it means when you notice your attractions start to change 
LIVE PRACTICE to discover what your Core Gifts are (this is rich!)  

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How To Open to Love Again After Loss

Speaker: Iris Benrubi

Key Learnings / How To:

Practical ways to gauge if someone is worthy of opening your heart to (this is great!) 
Where sabotaging beliefs come from + how to shift them
#1 most important decision you will make in this lifetime
How to hold space to grieve after experiencing significant loss (death or divorce) 
LIVE PRACTICE to identify the subconscious sabotaging beliefs you carry

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A Guided Envisioning Practice to Receive the Love You Want

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

LIVE PRACTICE to connect you in a deep, embodied way with the feelings of having the love you want, practice stretching yourself into edges that feel uncomfortable to have this (such as opening to receive love without doing anything to “earn” it), + identify what needs to be released in order to receive love.

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How To Reach Radical Levels of Self-Love

Speaker: Dr. Margaret Paul

Key Learnings / How To:

How to share love with your partner rather than get it from them + why this is key 
Where love comes from + how to receive it (this is amazing!) 
The 4 major ways people abandon themselves + how to heal them
How to raise your frequency + access your Guidance at will 
What it looks like to navigate conflict with your partner inside healthy love

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Release Ceremony to Let Go of What’s Blocking Healthy Love 

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

LIVE PRACTICE to identify + release what’s blocking love for you now, see how these have been costing you, and identify + embrace what will serve you instead with honesty, clarity and commitment

Free Gift:  25 Joy Generators & 3 Ways to Powerfully Uplevel Your Joy on the Path to Love

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