Amplify Intimacy with Polarization

Speaker: Amanda Biccum

Key Learnings / How To:

Discover what you crave sexually and how to get great at asking for it in the bedroom
How to amplify sexual polarity within your relationship
How to connect back to your body and pleasure safely
What to do if your partner feels needy around sex (to make them feel ok) 
LIVE PRACTICE to support you in becoming fully embodied with gentle touch

Free Gift: Free pleasure activation! Use this simple, yet powerful, embodiment practice to shift from being out of your head and into your body (where all the deepest pleasure lies)

Own Your Role in Relationships 

Speaker: Karen McMahon

Key Learnings / How To:

Develop self-awareness practices to prevent divorce/breakups by taking responsibility for your role in relationships
Common behaviors to know that sabotage relationships
How to respond vs. react during conflict to find peaceful resolve 
How to strengthen your self-value and boundaries 
The power of replacing self-condemnation with self-compassion

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Heal Codependency & Overcome the Fear of Rejection

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

How to heal codependency by loving the areas of yourself you have been rejecting 
Ways to reclaim your power by strengthening your relationship with Spirit 
How to know if you’re a people-pleaser or codependent
How to handle the fear of rejection when you stop controlling how others feel about you

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Navigating Relationships Powerfully As an Empath

Speaker: Kristen Schwartz

Key Learnings / How To:

The difference between an empath vs. a highly sensitive person
The most common challenges empaths face in relationships + how to overcome them
What Anastasia learns is underneath her triggers by her partner’s dark feelings (this makes me cry)
How to set proactive + reactive energetic boundaries

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Reawaken Your Sexuality & Pleasure Points

Speaker: Mangala Holland

Key Learnings / How To:

Discover what might be triggering you + disconnecting you from your sense of pleasure
How to reclaim + reawaken your pleasure and sexuality without forcing
How to become your own best lover and raise your standards
Ways driven, ambitious women can surrender to pleasure without making it another “should”
LIVE PRACTICES that include embodied exploration and movement for vitality and pleasure

Free Gift: From Shut Down to Sensual Satisfaction - free 3 part video series

Heal Your Inner Child Guided Experience

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

Discover inner child wounds that need healing through your dating patterns
How to interrupt cycles of abuse by standing up for your inner child as an adult
Understand the truth about what you deserve by seeking validation from the Divine
LIVE PRACTICE of embodiment to cultivate love + compassion for your inner child

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Clear Ancestral Trauma

Speaker: Dr. Louise Swartswater

Key Learnings / How To:

What ancestral trauma is and how it stores in our DNA
How to optimize the brain-soul connection to prepare emotionally, spiritually, and physically for healthy love
How changing your energy field can create major transformation (even your physical appearance!)
LIVE PRACTICE of clearing ancestral connections and emotions in the energy field using a process called Soul Tie Boxes to leap you forward into love

Free Gift:  Brain-Soul Success Assessment: Figure out your biggest block to success!

A Blueprint for High-Achievers Looking To Break Patterns of Toxic Love

Speaker: Gloria Zhang

Key Learnings / How To:

What the 3 unhealthy attachment styles are + how to heal them
Why high-achieving women are more apt to struggle in relationships and what they can do to find success in love
Identify the signs of dissociation from your inner child that lead to unhealthy attachments
Breakthrough the feelings of being inherently “broken” or “unwanted”
LIVE PRACTICE with a short exercise to connect with your “Little Girl”

Free Gift: Free workshop for High-Achievers who want to learn how to use Inner Child Healing to break the cycle of toxic relationships.

Co-create Healthy Love with The Divine

Speaker: Carolina Oceana Ryan

Key Learnings / How To:

How to cultivate a deeper connection to the Divine even if you’ve never had one (+ why it matters in love!)
Discover practices like tapping that can be used to value yourself at a higher level
How to demand your Guidance bring you support now!  (+ why this is so powerful) 
Identify signs to help decipher if you’re in an aligned relationship with your soul’s higher purpose

Free Gift 1: "Positive Relationships - A Visualization" (MP3 audio recording) and "Positive Connections: The Collective Speak on Creating Relationships That Honor You" ( PDF ebook)

    Free Gift 2:  "Abundance For All The Lightworker's Way to Creating Money & True Wealth" (scroll to bottom of page to grab it!)

Practical Tools to Build Your Intimate Connection with Guidance

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

Practices that will ground you in a felt sense of Love & Spirit each morning  
How to collaborate with your Higher Power to manifest miracles
Ways to distinguish the voice of your ego vs. the voice of God
How to generate evidence of how supported you are via weekly intentions & a gratitude practice
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Free Gift: 25 Joy Generators & 3 Ways to Powerfully Uplevel Your Joy on the Path to Love

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