How to Envision Your Dream Relationship into Reality

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

Set powerful intentions to manifest and embody the relationship you desire
List your non-negotiables to remain clear on your vision for love
Create a daily practice that will eradicate your resistance to healthy love
Discover what your past relationships tell you + how to use those experiences to move forward towards healthy love
Identify and release your insecurities by learning how to fall deeply in love with your authentic self and source of guidance 

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Heal Your Shadows with Astrology

Speaker: Suzanne Gerber

Key Learnings / How To:

Learn how to use astrology to gain a deeper awareness about your shadow side and self-sabotaging habits so you can heal them
Understand what components are unique to your chart and what they can tell you about yourself
Discover the way different planets can play a role in challenges + anxiety and how to bring light to it
Understand the various Houses on your chart and their influence on intimacy + connection
How compatibility charts work and when to use them

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How to Boost Your Love Life with Interiors Therapy

Speaker: Suzanne Roynon

Key Learnings / How To:

Learn how to structure your physical environment to optimize opportunities + boost your energy
Discover the key differences between the Komari Method and Interiors Therapy
Learn how to use practical Feng Shui designs to attract the love you desire
Reveal what may be holding you back from engaging in this type of therapy
Begin sorting elements within your environment that may be holding past toxicity or stagnant energy

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Co-Create Love with Spirit through Surrender

Speaker: Anastasia Frank

Key Learnings / How To:

Find out what blocks can occur when trying to manifest an intention with unhealthy attachments
Learn how to manifest through the radical art of surrender (wanting & obsessing is the energetic opposite!)
Cultivate practices that will get you clear on the desires placed in your heart by Spirit
Discover new ways to find joy despite your current relationship status or circumstance 
Become magnetic to your highest possibilities for love in the process!  

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What You Should Know About Trauma & The Nervous System

Speaker: Marina Yanay

Key Learnings / How To:

Learn what classifies as trauma and how it stores in the body 
Identify the signs of emotional rigidity that is caused by trauma
Learn how to use triggers as transformation vs. re-traumatizing yourself
Discover how to discern a traumatic trigger vs. a feeling, especially in romantic partnerships
LIVE PRACTICE: how to start feeling feelings in your body so you can regulate around partners & other people 

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Create High-Frequency Relationship Standards

Speaker: Anna Kowalska

Key Learnings / How To:

Learn how to create your standards to match your future, not your past
Discover how to overcome the fear of not feeling safe asking for what you want
Receive the better questions to ask to get clear on where you’ve been settling + how you can raise your standards
Engage in embodiment practices that will align you to your new set of standards + attract healthy love

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The Vibration of Healthy Love

Speaker: Shane Kohler

Key Learnings / How To:

Discover the tactical practices that can be used to move out of ego entanglements into holy relationships (+ why this matters!) 
Learn how to reframe unpleasant romantic experiences to raise your vibration instead of deplete it
Develop ways to move towards secure attachment 
Identify your past relationship patterns to map your growth points
Learn how to shift your vibration from desire (lack) into acceptance (having)  

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Yoga to Heal Anxiety & Trauma 

Speaker: Amy Weintraub

Key Learnings / How To:

Understand the ways the body has physically responded to trauma
Learn how to use a physical practice, like yoga, to release emotional wounds
Discover the modalities in which the body has protected itself from trauma
LIVE PRACTICES to help you regulate your nervous system + release suppressed trauma through yoga & breathwork 

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Conscious Conversations About Pleasure to Heal Trauma

Speaker: Jamie Elizabeth Thompson

Key Learnings / How To:

Learn the difference between pleasure-informed care and trauma care
Breakthrough the myth that “good” women need to put their needs + desires aside
Create your own sensual, embodied pleasure ritual
Discover the power of insourcing your means of pleasure vs. relying on outsourcing it
LIVE PRACTICE: Begin to practice consent & connect with your pleasure through a Breast Pleasure Practice 

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